Monnickendam &
Waterland Region

Medieval city on the IJsselmeer

Surroundings of Apartments Waterland in Monnickendam near Amsterdam

Medieval Monnickendam

The small city (around ten thousand inhabitants) on the Gouwzee is about 16 kilometres from Amsterdam. Monnickendam has a beautiful well preserved historical city centre, with many authentic houses from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries The Church of St Nicolas, built in the fifteenth century, stands high above all the other buildings.

On the Middendam, in the inner harbour, is “De Waegh”, in past times a cheese weigh house, but also a place where women accused of witchcraft were weighed. Today it is a very attractive restaurant. Monnickendam is famous for its fish smoke houses, but these days there is only one in operation. On certain days of the week you will certainly smell it.

Boat lovers come into their own in this picturesque city. Monnickendam has four yacht havens and moored along the waterfront are many clippers and flat bottom barges which are worth a visit. Don’t miss a trip on the Gouwzee or the Markermeer.

For a small city the centre of Monnickendam offers a good variety of cafés and restaurants. We mentioned De Waegh, but there is also De Koperen Vis, the French restaurant De Roef, de Ouwe Blauwe, the Michelin Star restaurant De Posthoorn, de Italian restaurant Castello di Roma, Spanish restaurant Los Del Puerto, and the oriental cuisine in ‘t Waepen of Naang Nuan, the Four Seasons, Jade City and Boemboem Bali. There are also cafes around the inner harbour.

Another important building is the bell tower, with the oldest operating carillon in the World. At the base of the tower is a museum with an exhibition showing the history of monnickendam. There are archaeological remains from Monnickendam’s wealthy past, including plates, tiles and paintings. And if you are under the tower as the clock strikes the hour? Don’t miss the knightly show!